Shutterrific Photography

by Bill Singleton

Hayden Fox


This photo is a favorite for much more than the image above.  The story in getting it makes the memory just a valuable.  Fall in Yellowstone is amazing.  The animals are once again active as the cooler temps warn them of the harsh winter ahead and they begin to hunt vigorously in an effort to put on valuable weight.  The coats become full and fresh as this guy looks like he was just groomed.  We spotted this fox mousing just off the road in Hayden Valley and quickly postioned ourselves in front of his direction with the sun to our backs.  The fox was between me and a heard of buffalo making their way to a watering hole that was behind me.  I now had the Canon 40D and the Canon 300mm f/2.8L IS lense.  I held my ground as the fox was pushed by the approaching buffalo and walked to within a few yards, at times too close for my lense to focus.  I just stood and watched as this fox walked right past me and beyond to the watering hole.  I was quickly reminded that a heard of buffalo were apporoaching as well and naturally gave way. 

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