Shutterrific Photography

by Bill Singleton

Wahweep Hoodoos


¬†Photographs of white stone described as goblins, ghosts, toadstools and other oddities herald the unique geology of the sun scorched lands of the Southwest. Groves of capped white columns are located near Big Water at the edge of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. The cap of the hoodoo is Dakota Sandstone which was a beach of an incoming seaway. It is 100 million years old, and the post of the hoodoos is Entrada Sandstone that is 160 million years old. There should be a layer of Morrison Sandstone but for some reason it wasn’t laid down and isn’t present. This is why there is such a large gap in the age of the cap and post . Timing is important when photographing this feature as the goal is to obtain the main subject, The Hoodoos, in light while the background is still in shadows making the Hoodoos stand out even more as in this photo.

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