Shutterrific Photography

by Bill Singleton

South Coyote Buttes Friday, March 16, 2018

I’ve paid many visits to this area this time of year. None have been quite this cold and weather influenced. Joining me on this trip were Kevin Mikkelsen and his wife Sandy, Scott Little, Dennis Christensen, William Liu, and Kevin Koldewyn.
The drive to Kanab Thursday saw some good snow but the weather broke on Friday and provided some great clouds. However, temps remained cold for this area and time of year. The commute to South Coyote Buttes over Jacob’s Lake and 89A was less than ideal with ice and snow over the summit and a broke down semi in one of the tight corners. Luckily it was early enough there was no other cars. House Rock Road was in great shape coming in from the south. Pine Tree Rd. was good and the sandy areas still packed and frozen from the recent moisture.

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